Why a Love of Music Will Benefit your Child

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 8/28/2017 to Parenting Tips
a love of music will benefit your child

Kids are naturally drawn to music – they love to hear their favorite songs, hear their parents sing and try to sing themselves.

But music is more than just a simple pleasure. It can actually be great for your child in a number of ways.

How to Help Friends Who Have Preemies

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 8/24/2017 to Parenting Tips
helping moms with preemies

If you’ve heard a friend has recently had her baby much earlier than expected, you may be struggling for ideas as to how you can best help her. Depending upon how early the baby was born, your friend’s baby may have a lengthy hospital stay and your friend will be under a lot of stress.

Here is what you can do to help.

How to Help Your Child with the Pain of a Sunburn

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 8/22/2017 to Parenting Tips
helping you sunburned child

With summer still underway, there are several weeks left for you to face the arch nemesis of parents everywhere – the dreaded sunburn.

Sometimes despite our best efforts, our children still end up with a sunburn during the summer months. It’s easy to do, even if you are fairly vigilant about reapplying sunblock. Sometimes the time just slips away from us and before we know it, our children have pink faces and shoulders.

While nothing totally takes away the pain of a bad sunburn, there are a few things you can do to help your toddler deal with it.

What to Do When Your Baby Falls

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 8/17/2017 to Parenting Tips
what to do when baby falls

As your baby becomes more mobile, she’s going to fall at some point and when that happens, she could potentially injure herself. Most times though, that fall will probably hurt you more than your baby.

But just because we may not be able to prevent falls, it doesn’t mean we don’t worry about them after they happen. If you find yourself unsure of what to do after your baby falls, here are some tips.

Finding the Right Bassinet for Your Baby

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 8/14/2017 to Gifts for Baby
finding a bassinet for baby

If you’re still a few dollars short of saving for your dream crib or you love the idea of co-sleeping, a bassinet may be your best bet. This won’t be a permanent sleep solution for your baby, but it should be enough to get him by for the first three months or so.

With so many choices on the market, however, finding the right bassinet for your baby can be a little tricky. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

How to Deal with Your Child Stretching the Truth

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 8/10/2017 to Parenting Tips
stretching the truth

Everybody lies once in a while – sometimes it’s to get out of trouble and other times it’s to spare someone’s feelings. But you had always hoped to have an open and honest relationship with your child and lately you’ve noticed your toddler lying to you.

What can you do to encourage him to tell the truth, even when he doesn’t want to?

5 Good Things About Being an Older Parent

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 8/7/2017 to Life as a Mom
5 good things about being an older parent

If you’ve noticed you seem to be the oldest parent in sight when you take your child to the playground, it can make you feel a little guilty. Should you have had your children when you were younger? Is your child going to feel bad someday when people mistake you for his grandmother?

Before you get too carried away with the images of how old you’ll be by the time your baby graduates from high school, check out this list that focuses on the benefits of having your children at an older age.

Parenting Then and Now

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 8/3/2017 to Parenting Tips
parenting then and now

When many of us were young, our upbringing was vastly different than what our kids are experiencing now as they grow up. Let’s look at some of the ways our childhoods were different than our children’s childhoods are and what we can do about the changes we don’t like.