Making Sure Your Baby Doesn't Suffer from Name Shame

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 2/28/2017 to Parenting Tips
avoiding name shame

We’ve all heard them – the baby names that make us cringe. We feel sorry for the poor baby who has to grow up saddled with that awful name.

While selecting a name is a personal process, here are a few guidelines to help make things less awkward for your baby when she is older.

Welcome to the World of Rashes

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 2/24/2017 to Parenting Tips
types of rashes

Your baby has had control of your heart since the day she was born. She’s so precious that you could just stroke her baby soft skin all day. But here lately you’ve noticed a problem with her skin. She seems to be breaking out into rashes. Is that something you should worry about or just a normal part of childhood?

In those first few weeks or months, every kid breaks out into a rash or suffers some skin irritation. So before you panic, let’s break down some common reasons for skin irritation in children and what you can do to banish those unsightly rashes.

Bye-Bye Maternity Leave, Hello Double Duty

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 2/21/2017 to Life as a Mom
working mother doing double duty

Maternity leave is a magical time. Once the first two or three rough weeks are over, the rest is relatively smooth sailing – other than the constant night feedings and your body attempting to recover from what it’s been through.

But for moms who are headed back to the workforce, especially if they’ve spent years working without a break other than the customary two weeks a year for vacations, maternity leaves are some of the most precious weeks they’ll ever have. You get a chance to bond with your baby, and learn how to manage the challenging task of being a mom who is needed every minute of the day in some way, shape or form.

Working after you’ve had a baby, however, is different from working pre-baby. Here are some tips to help you survive pulling double duty when you have to go back to work.

How to Help Your Shy Child

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 2/17/2017 to Parenting Tips
how to help your shy kid

If you’ve never struggled with shyness, you don’t know how debilitating it really can be. What seems easy to some people can seem impossible for others. The simple act of introducing yourself to someone new can make you sweat bullets, your heart pound and your knees feel wobbly. For a shy kid, talking to a stranger can be intimidating.

When you have a shy child, you need to find ways to help him come out of his shell a bit. Learning to work on shyness when you’re still little can mean the difference between overcoming your shyness or letting it run your life. Here are a few ways to help your shy child.

Exercise and Toddlers

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 2/14/2017 to Parenting Tips
children and exercise

Toddlers were made for exercise. They play hard, usually on full speed, until they suddenly crash and take a two-hour nap.

While toddlers are naturally active, you can help them ramp up their activity level with a few simple steps.

How to Get Your Child into the Valentine's Day Spirit

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 2/10/2017 to Life as a Mom
get your child into the Valentine's Day spirit

Valentine’s Day seems tailor made for children. There’s love, hugs, kisses, candy and stuffed animals. It’s a cuteness overload that children will appreciate.

It’s only natural they want to get involved in the Valentine’s Day fun. Here are some ways you can help your children celebrate the big day in an age-appropriate way.

Secrets to Raising a Happy, Confident Girl

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 2/7/2017 to Parenting Tips
how to raise a happy, confident daughter

Girls face different challenges than boys do. They’re expected to be nicer, and no one makes excuses for their bad behavior. While you probably haven’t ever heard anyone say "girls will be girls," there’s that popular saying, "boys will be boys."

To help your daughter feel strong and confident, here’s a few tips you might want to consider.

Five Things New Parents Learn

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 2/3/2017 to Parenting Tips
things that new parents learn

When you’re expecting, you plan for your baby’s arrival and you dream about the day you’ll finally be able to hold her in your arms. Being a parent will change your life, and you’ll barely be able to remember what your life was like before your baby arrived.

But you’ll have some eye-opening moments as well. Here are a few things you’ll learn as a new parent.