Keeping Your House Clean Without Giving Up Your Life

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 10/10/2017 to Parenting Tips
keeping your house clean without forfeiting your life

As a parent, your list of duties can seem never ending. There’s work, spending time with your baby, doctor’s appointments, cooking and cleaning. It’s no wonder why parents can feel so overwhelmed and exhausted at times. We may love our lives but it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love a few extra hours in the day too.

If your house looks like a disaster zone because you can’t seem to find time to clean, join the club. We’ve all been there. But by working a little smarter, you might free up some extra time. Here are some tips to try to help you stay on top of the clutter.

Ways to Build Up Your Emergency Fund

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 9/18/2017 to Life as a Mom
building up your emergency fund

When you’re a parent, an emergency fund can be all that stands between you and financial panic. Emergency funds can give you peace of mind and help you sleep at night when your child has a health crisis, your refrigerator conks out or your car starts making weird sounds.

But building up that fund can be a challenge when you’re a parent with so many other financial obligations. Here are a few ways to painlessly build up your cash reserves.

Life Lessons Kids Learn from Their Working Moms

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 9/11/2017 to Working Moms
life lessons from working moms

Some moms feel guilty for working so much because it takes away some of the time they feel they should be spending with their children. But kids can learn great lessons from their working moms, so don’t feel bad about those hours you spend away from home.

Here are some of the things children can learn from their working moms.

5 Times When Parents Need an Adult Recess

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 4/18/2017 to Life as a Mom
signs when you need an adult recess

Recess is that golden time of day every kid longs for at school. It’s a chance for kids to run wild, forget about what happened earlier in the day, and not think about what’s looming ahead of them. They live totally in the moment, doing whatever they want, playing at full speed.

We could all learn a thing or two about life from our kids. Taking time for the occasional adult recess could do us parents a world of good.

If you are experiencing any of these following challenges, you should take an adult recess as soon as possible.

How to Stop Electronics from Stealing Your Family Time

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 3/20/2017 to Parenting Tips
don't electronics steal your family time

We live in a digital era. In today’s world, we manage most of our record keeping and communication through our computers, tablets and phones.

But while it’s a convenient way of doing things, it has come with a price. We’re always on our phones or catching up with someone on Facebook. If we aren’t careful, that can cause a big dent in the quality of our family time. Here are a few tips that will help us stop our devices from taking over our lives.

Can You Afford to Stay Home After Having a Baby?

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 3/7/2017 to Life as a Mom
can you afford to quit working after having a baby

Some moms relish the idea of going back to a normal work schedule after their maternity leave is finished. For other moms though, the idea of heading back into the workforce and leaving their baby in daycare is torturous.

These days, many moms feel compelled to go to work because they need the paycheck. But for moms on the lower-end of the earning spectrum, working can cost as much as they bring in. Let’s look at some of the secret costs of working.

Bye-Bye Maternity Leave, Hello Double Duty

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 2/21/2017 to Life as a Mom
working mother doing double duty

Maternity leave is a magical time. Once the first two or three rough weeks are over, the rest is relatively smooth sailing – other than the constant night feedings and your body attempting to recover from what it’s been through.

But for moms who are headed back to the workforce, especially if they’ve spent years working without a break other than the customary two weeks a year for vacations, maternity leaves are some of the most precious weeks they’ll ever have. You get a chance to bond with your baby, and learn how to manage the challenging task of being a mom who is needed every minute of the day in some way, shape or form.

Working after you’ve had a baby, however, is different from working pre-baby. Here are some tips to help you survive pulling double duty when you have to go back to work.

6 Holiday Time Savers

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 12/20/2016 to Life as a Mom

The holidays are coming up rapidly and there’s still a million things on your to-do list. Unless you can clone yourself before then, you don’t see how you’ll get it all done. So don’t – take some shortcuts and enjoy a much slower-paced holiday season this year.

How to Be a Working Mom and a Super Mom 101

Posted by Sara Hernandez on 11/8/2016 to Life as a Mom
How to Be a Working Mom and a Super Mom 101

It’s no secret that society has placed an extreme amount of pressure on moms of all nationalities, sexualities, and personalities. Whether you choose to stay at home or work 60 to 80 hour weeks, moms are expected to still be super. Furthermore, balancing work and a family has become increasingly difficult, especially so under the motherhood expectations set for us. Here are a few tips to manage mom life and job life!

How to Hang with your Toddler and Still Get Things Done

Posted by Sara Hernandez on 10/6/2016 to Life as a Mom
How to Hang with your Toddler and Still Get Things Done

It’s no secret that trying to maintain a home, work, and spend quality time with your child is a tough load to balance. There are times when you feel like part of the triad is seriously falling behind. It’s especially tough for us parents when we feel that we haven’t spent enough time with our little ones. Believe it or not, there are some productive things we can do around the house with our kiddos.