Rainy Day Activities Your Child Will Love

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 4/14/2017 to Parenting Tips
rainy day activities

Rainy days and spring go hand in hand. What doesn’t mix so well into that equation is your toddler, especially if you have a little one who likes to be outside as much as he can.

Here are some activities to cheer your toddler up when the weather isn’t cooperating with what he’d like to do.

Make a Fort

This little chestnut has been delighting kids for generations. Grab all the sheets and blankets you can carry and find a few chairs to use as the structure for your fort. Start draping sheets all over the chairs until you’ve come up with a fort you’re happy with.

You can read in there, eat your lunch or tell stories. Whatever you do, your toddler will think it’s the coolest part of the day.

Have an Epic Balloon Battle

Your child doesn’t have to leave the house to get a good workout. All you need is a balloon and some free space. See how many times you can hit the balloon back and forth without it dropping on the floor.

If you haven’t played with a balloon in a while, you may be surprised at how much fun it is – not just for your toddler, but for you too.

Have a Fashion Show

Channel your inner Zoolander and have a fashion show with your child. Let your child pick out whatever they want to wear – the sillier, the better.

Make sure to take plenty of pictures so you can remember your child’s unique fashion sense.

Let Your Inner Rocker Loose

Grab a hairbrush if you don’t have a microphone, put your favorite tune on and give your child a performance they’ll never forget. Then when your big moment is over, ask your child to sing a song with you. If he doesn’t know any words, you can have a dance party instead.

Have a Pillow Fight

Your child will think it’s hilarious to hit your repeatedly with a pillow. And you might too. Just make sure you don’t get too carried away when it’s your turn to retaliate.

Create Some Sock Puppets

Find some old socks and let your child decorate them anyway he wants with markers. If you’re the creative type, you could sew some fabric onto the socks instead of using markers.

Hide behind the nearest table and put on the funniest puppet show you can muster up. It won’t take much entertainment to keep your kid laughing the whole way through. When all else fails, toddlers always love when puppets wrestle each other.

Shannon Serpette is a mother of two and an award-winning journalist and freelancer who lives in Illinois. She can be reached at writerslifeforme@gmail.com.