Keeping Your Little Ghoul Safe on Halloween

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 10/30/2017 to Parenting Tips
keeping your child safe on Halloween

With candy and costumes, Halloween is a kid’s dream. But this fun date also can be full of hidden dangers, so you have to be careful that their dream doesn’t turn into your nightmare.

Here’s how to keep your child safe so all the frights will be imaginary, not real.

Check the Candy

It can feel tedious to check through all those pieces of candy, inspecting them for any signs of tampering. But it’s a necessary step in this day and age.

Your child may be clawing at you frantically trying to get to that candy while you’re still checking it over. In the meantime, to keep them happy until you’re sure everything is safe, you can check over a lollipop and let him have that. That will keep him occupied longer than a mini candy bar will so you can finish your candy inspection.

Use Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are cheap and they can be an actual lifesaver. If you’re trying to keep track of several kids while you’re walking around taking them from house to house, glow sticks can help you spot them easier in the dark.

They also come in handy when your child forgets about safety in their dash to reach a doorbell. If they cross the roadway or a driveway before you even know they’re gone, motorists will see them easier if they are wearing a glow stick around their neck.

Be on the Lookout for Backing Up Cars

On Halloween, cars are often pulling out of driveways and it’s difficult to spot small children for those drivers. It’s up to you to be aware of which directions drivers are heading so you can safeguard your child.

Watch for last-second turn signals so you can prevent any problems.

Put Down the Phone

You can’t be watching your child if you’re watching your phone too. It only takes a few seconds of not paying attention for disaster to strike.

You can be on your phone any time, but you’ll only get so many Halloween nights with your child, especially when they get older – they’ll rather be with their friends than with you at that point.

So put down the electronics and try to recapture that Halloween magic you felt when you were younger.

Bring a Light

You may want to consider bringing a flashlight with you to shine down at the ground as you’re walking. You don’t want your child to step in any holes and twist an ankle. With a flashlight, you’ll be able to better see any uneven sidewalks too.

Shannon Serpette is a mother of two and an award-winning journalist and freelancer who lives in Illinois. She can be reached at