Feeding Twins


The Twin Feeding Set is a one of a kind product that solves a problem all twin parents face - how to feed two at once. It makes feeding twins so much easier. The product provides two mouthpieces (spoons) to keep germs separate, and two matching bowls (labeled A and B) which helps parents to measure how much food each child has consumed. The Twin Feeding Set is also easy to hold and allows parents of multiples to feed both children without juggling separate bowls and spoons. It makes the perfect gift for parents of twins!

  • Feeding twins just got easier!
  • Feed two babies without juggling separate bowls and spoons!
  • Decrease the wait time between bites for multiples!
  • Fight spreading germs!
  • Dishwasher Safe!


To use:

1.     Fill bowl A with baby food for your Baby A and fill bowl B with baby food for your Baby B.

2.    Hold the bowl in one hand or place it somewhere that is easily accessible while feeding.

3.    Dip the spoons into the bowls. Spoon A will go into Bowl A & Spoon B will go into Bowl B.

4.    Ensure they have the desired amount of baby food for each bite.

5.     Move the spoon to feed Baby A and then immediately over to feed Baby B. The spoons are far enough apart that the baby will only notice their spoon and food, enabling you to feed both quickly.

6.    Then refill the spoons and repeat until your twins are full.  

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