Curing Your Inner Pack Rat

Posted by Shannon Serpette on 3/14/2017 to Life as a Mom
curing your inner pack rat

Moms would love nothing more than to freeze time so they could have more than a mere 18 years to spend raising their child. For many of us, that’s the real challenge of parenting – not the constant drain on your time and the lack of sleep, but the fact that the time passes so quickly and our children move on.

Since we can’t alter time, we do the next best thing. We save practically everything that our children have ever touched as a way to hold on to those precious years when we were everything to each other.

With every passing year, you might find your storage area grows smaller and smaller as you put bin after bin of your child’s outgrown items into that room. The solution to your storage problem isn’t a bigger house. It might be time to take a hard look at some of the contents in those bins and weed a few things out.

Here are some of things you might need to part with.

Those Precious Clothes

Your children’s old clothes are more than just fabric and thread. They’re memories. You can remember exactly where your child wore most of the outfits you saved, and you can’t stand the thought of getting rid of any of them.

Get creative with those old clothes – you may be able to find a way to keep some of them and still get use out of them. Take your baby’s first pair of tiny shoes and turn them into a Christmas ornament you can hang on your tree each holiday season. Use your child’s old newborn onesies as outfits for some of their bigger dolls.

If you notice there are some outfits that you can’t recall quite as clearly as the day you packed them away, pass them on to another parent and child who might think they’re just as special as you do.


Every time you see a drawing from your child, you think it’s the most precious thing you’ve ever seen. But after years of collecting hundreds, if not thousands, of papers, it might be time to thin your collection a bit.

Some drawings that seemed so cute at the time may seem less important as your child gets older and begins to draw more exciting pictures.

Old Toys

Because toys can take up so much room, it would be a real space saver if you weeded out a few to give to children who don’t have as many toys. That collection of old baby dolls isn’t doing anyone any good in your basement. You could choose three that were your child’s favorites and let the other ones go find a new home in the arms of a little girl who would love to have them.

collect moments not things

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