3 Reasons to Stop Mom Shaming

Posted by Sara Hernandez on 10/3/2016 to Life as a Mom
3 Reasons to Stop Mom Shaming

We’re human. We’ve all done it. We have all thought to ourselves that some parent, somewhere is raising their child all wrong. It’s very easy to “mom-shame” other parenting methods. The hard part? Understanding them. 

As parents, whether mom or dad, we need to stick together and kick mom-shaming to the curb! Check out these few reasons why: 

Nobody’s perfect. 

Is this really a secret? There are no perfect people, and there are no perfect parenting methods. Mom-shaming comes into play when we set parenting standards that are sometimes unattainable. It’s okay if your baby likes to get messy, and it’s okay if your baby likes to stay clean. There is no penalty for letting your little girl splash in the mud or allowing your baby boy to take playtime indoors. 

Life is tough. 

We all know this line far too well. Life can be seriously tough, especially if you’re raising children. This is true for most, if not all, parents. There are times we have to sink to our last resort just to hold on to our last nerve. 

We need to uplift and encourage each other! Whether it’s Kanye or Baby Einstein that gets your little ones to sleep, mom-shaming has no place and serves no purpose. Encourage your fellow parents, and leave the mom-shaming at home. 

Everyone is different. 

This may be a shocker to some, but everyone is different. We think differently, react differently, even eat differently. How could two families have the same parenting techniques? Whether you eat 100% organically grown foods or stop by McDonald’s three times a week, there is no shame in doing what is best for you and your family. 

Rather than shaming each other for our differences, we should share them and learn from them. For example, rather than defending your parenting style, try understanding someone else’s. It’s so easy to let differences in culture, lifestyle, and health dictate our opinions of others. Embrace the differences, and find knowledge in them. 

Mom-shaming is a trap we have all fallen into at some point in life. As parents, we stand in solidarity united by our common ground, being parents. Parenting can be tough, even tougher when we fail to support each other. Let’s end mom-shaming once and for all.